Group Therapy

Regular support from a facilitated group

If you are over 18 years of age and would like to join a group that will help you work through difficulties you have had in your life, then get in contact for some more information. Myself and a female therapist Donna Street is to be co-facilitators setting up a group to provide a more affordable alternative to personal therapy. We are fortunate to have supervision from a very experienced group analyst who is a consultant and has written extensively on groups.

A group allows members to describe through communication their emotional difficulties to the group. Encouragement and understanding from the group allow members to put their difficulties into words. This process allows them to think about the origins and meaning, of problems. Over time, these difficulties they described loosen and dissipate.

Groups allow you to see yourself in others, choice gives you the option to change unhelpful features or enhance your own positive characteristics. Group work helps break cycles of isolation and felt inadequacy through group attunement and acceptance.

Initially joining a group may feel daunting. The group can support its members to be more courageous in expressing what is felt difficult to talk about. The personalities in the group are constantly being worked upon and revised while in the group. A group can create a climate where information and explanations between and about members of a group can be shared. Group members can exchange facts and ideas on a more equal basis.

There is a matrix effect that forms in Group Therapy. The ‘group mind’ exceeds what is formed from just a collection of group individuals.

More information about the Group

You can learn and develop ways of coping and being in a relationship from being held in a group. Rather than being in a one to one relationship with a therapist or counsellor where it can be difficult to be yourself, a group allows you to experiment with taking risks. We are currently interviewing prospective members of our group. We intend to limit the size of the group to eight with the two of us co-facilitators. Once we have begun the group it will remain closed to new members unless someone chooses to retire from the group. The group meets every two weeks for ninety minutes. Group members will be contracted to attend each of the meetings unless there are exceptional circumstances. The fee for each meeting will be £10 per person payable on the day of the meeting.

If you would like some more information about Group Therapy or would like to discuss joining our group please send me an email or text.

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