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Rosswell John Gadsden 

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Your host offers an approach to working through issues using mindfulness based investigation.

I am happy to offer clients support and information to faciliate choice around prescribed drugs. I support clients wishing to gain their own authority around choice in prescibed drugs.  

Humanistic and Integrative backgound

My training began at Karuna Institute in 1993. I was first accredited by the UKCP in 2003, through the Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy College HIPC. I have practiced since 2003. Karuna taught and has championed the use of mindfulness since the 1970’s. Karuna uses mindfulness in the relationship to develop a therapeutic alliance. Maura Sills is a Director of The Karuna Institute. She has taught, and supported the use of mindfulness in in her teaching. She has taught for over 25 years in the United Kingdom.

Core process psychotherapy training

I began studying at the Karuna Institute in 1995, I completed the foundation year then moved onto the Professional Diploma. I accredited after accruing enough client hours  through the Karuna Institute with the UKCP. I studied for and completed a Master of Arts in 2002.

I have been a UKCP approved Supervisor since September 2018. I have seen clients in Southampton since 2003. I work with couples using the ‘Key to Couples Work’ with Jennie Miller which offers a TA approach.

l studied and worked as an Systems Engineer. I become interested in Spirituality, Buddhism, Personal Development, Social and Ecological Responsibility. I trained as a Counsellor, then as a therapist and finally as a Secondary School Teacher. My abode is in Shirley Southampton, Hampshire with my wife and our two children. I see clients as a Counsellor and psychotherapist in Private Practice.

Mindfulness supervision training

I completed a Certificate in Mindfulness Supervision with OPAL (Organisation People and Learning). Individual and small group Supervision is offered at the The Director General’s House, 15 Rockstone Place, Southampton SO15 2EP.  I have membership of the Hampshire Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy HACP.

Psychotherapy Practice at The Director Generals House

Currently, I rent rooms at the The Director General’s House, 15 Rockstone Place,  Southampton SO15 2EP which is on the Avenue. Individual clients appointments are 50 minutes and weekly. Couples sessions are 90 minutes, and are two weekly.

Please call to make an appointment or email me for availability.