Working with Young People

I have experience working with young people between eleven and eighteen years old. Whenever I take on young people, I make sure that I have the correct supervision to work with them.

Having worked as a classroom teacher and a tutor in a secondary school for over ten years following a life in an industry I worked hard to connect with the children in the school. The school was in an inner-city, with children from a significant amount of single-parent families, over half the children had free school meals. I ran after-school classes, connected with parents at parents’ evenings, and accompanied youngsters on trips and young carers’ weekends.

I learned the importance of listening to children in my care paying attention to the quiet ones and those who were trouble makers. During my time as a teacher, I was careful not to be a Counsellor as the clarity of my role was important for children to maintain trust in me and for me to have effective classroom management.

In August 2019 I undertook a week’s training with Ed McGee and Sue Byrne which covered specifically for working children and young people suicidal thoughts, self-harm, anger, depression also problems with early attachment.